4 Questions to answer for an effective acupuncture treatment

For an effective acupuncture strategy, normally it takes 3 weeks to complete the treatments. In some cases the treatment may take longer than 3 months. Acupuncture treatment is an extremely helpful process with side effects. In order to make it more effective you need to answer these three questions.

Q: What do I expect after my first course treatment?

There are different effects on different bodies. But most likely people feel very comfortable and feel “sleep like a baby”.
The most exciting thing is that there are no side effects involved in acupuncture treatments.

Q: How to make the results more effective?

In order to make the results more fruitful, drink as much as you can. Water is a very helpful cleanser to remove toxins from the body. Take a rest and go to bed a little earlier than normal. This will give you a boost in outcome.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid after acupuncture treatment?

Yes, avoid all junk foods and caffeine, do not overfill your stomach, and don’t take stress and depression.

Q: How to get ready for the next acupuncture session?

Set a suitable time with your acupuncturist, do not rush or make it hurry. Do not take stress or depression.
Have something to eat prior to session as you need energy and acupuncturists move your body for natural energy flow. Avoid caffeine before the visit. Take more water make yourself hydrated as much as possible. Take long and deep breaths to relax yourself.

How to Lose Weight with Food.

Hot red chili or chilli pepperIt is very exciting news that you can lose weight by eating certain food. You don’t need to stay hungry and do tough exercises whole day. Just know the right food to burn fat and reduce unwanted bulge.
Here is a great list of food that will help you to burn fat in your body.

Drink More Water:

Drinking more water will help you to feel less hunger and keeps you well hydrated with good skin. Water is a necessary part of life as well as helpful in weight loss.
Drink a glass of water before eating the meal; this will help you in digestion, as well as consuming less calories. Drinking cold water will increase your metabolism followed by weight loss.

Green Tea:

Start drinking green tea every day. Use a good herbal tea with a desired flavor, so that you don’t get fed up with the taste. Use lemon in green tea to make it more useful.
Taking green tea everyday will help you burn unwanted fats and lose weight quickly.

Fresh Fruits:
Eat crunchy apple instead of milk shake. Apple has more fiber plus chewing will relax your brain and make your stomach full.


Add chili sauce to your food. Green chilies are a great source to increase metabolism. Chilies are very helpful to burn fats.

Nuts and Beans:

Nuts and Beans are rich in fiber. Nuts bind toxins and help to prevent toxic build up in the body. Beans are rich in protein. Moreover, they are slow to digest which make your stomach full for the longest period without feeling hungry.


Avocados have fats that are fast fat burners. Avocados contain healthy fats and can be used with meal.
Fresh Green Vegetables
Researchers have proven that fresh fruits and vegetables are not helpful for good health, but they are full of minerals with no fat. This will give you energy without adding fat to your body.
Add broccoli, lemon, carrot, spinach, garlic, chili to your food, some great sources to stay healthy with increased metabolism.

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Back Pain & Acupuncture Treatment

back pain acupuncture
An average of eight out of ten people suffers from back pain during their lifetime. According to WHO (world health organization) acupuncture has been helpful to relieve back pain. In west, we rely on medicines and do not feel satisfied with herbal medicines or medical practices involving natural treatments.

This article will help you to reveal how acupuncture works and can help you to eliminate pain and improve your fitness.


Acupuncture is an effective medical system with an ancient history of 3000 years originated from China. It has been effective and practiced constantly during these years. Acupuncture involves thin needles inserted into your body points. The entire process is painless and helpful to treat acute condition.

Back Pain & Acupuncture

Life with back pain is so unpleasant and has a great impact over mobility. Patients cannot move freely, travel, sit or stand for longer periods. Moreover patient must use specific belts, chairs and beds suggested by the Doctors.

According to Journal of Internal Medicine sixty percent of patients treated with acupuncture improved to a noticeable condition. Moreover, number of know American Pain Societies recommend acupuncture for back pain treatment.

There are number of issues that cause that back pain, however usually it is caused due to muscle strain or spinal issues. According to acupuncture, there are more than two thousand identifiable points to treat in order to release blockages for smooth flow of the body energy.

Experienced acupuncturists usually examine your pulse and tongue while understanding your medical history.
After understanding your condition, acupuncturist will recommend you a number of treatments and visits to the clinic for acupuncture processes. Though acupuncture points vary depending upon your medical condition however it is common to get needles inserted into back, buttocks and back side of your knees.

If you are suffering from the back pain, avoid sitting or standing for long hours. Visit your nearest acupuncturist and discuss your medical issues for the necessary treatment.

Best Fruits to Lose Weight

fruits to lose weight
If you have put on so much weight and now feeling tired then this is the time for you to think of losing the weight. There are so many things you can give a try to, but choosing the natural diets has absolutely no alternate. Here are the best fruits which can greatly help you lose weight in a couple of weeks / months.
Bananas contain no artificial sugar or other addicted components. One should have excessive bananas every day to stay healthy. These are the rich source of protein and carbohydrates. Those who are suffering from over-weight and want to go on banana diet, should not take much time to think of doing so.
Yes you are absolutely right, mangoes do contain much sugar and some fats, but as it is a health friendly fruit, you won’t get harmed. What you have to do is to make sure that you eat mangoes every day or go for mango shake, which is one of my favorite shakes. This fruit will provide you enough nutrients, without disturbing your diet plan.
We cannot resist the famous proverb’s truth, an apple in a day keeps the doctor away. This is true because apples have many health benefits, weight losing is one of them. You can eat apples, go for its shake or juice, whatever you like. I am sure this fruit will provide you enough nutrients and will keep you fit and healthy.
Wow the yummy dates are what we cannot resist to have in summers. This fruit is rich with proteins and fats, but you should not worry at all because dates won’t make you fat. Its fat components are not that bad to harm your body or to increase your weight, but the thing is you should not eat dates in excess every day. Just have three to four every second day to stay healthy and energetic.
Oranges contain too much vitamins and minerals. This fruit is very ideal for you to loss weight. You should try to have orange juice in fresh form every day. I am sure its nutrients will keep you energetic and will help in losing the weight and extra body calories.

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Why Is Raspberry Ketone So Popular Worldwide?

Raspberry ketones are the natural components, belonging to phenolic family. It mainly comes from the aroma of red raspberries. This ingredient is much famous for its nutritional values.
Occurrence of raspberry ketone:
The raspberry ketones are found excessively in some fruits like cranberries, cherries and black berries. This ingredient is the rich source of energy and the use of these fruits means you are gifting yourself with a lot of energy.
Why it is important:
Raspberry ketone has the following health benefits which make us believe that it is important to have.
• It helps in reducing the weight.
• It controls the body sugar level.
• It contains extraction of 1-5 mg raspberries which are good for health.
• It is the major component of minerals and proteins.
• It is helpful in regulation the rate of metabolism in the body.
• It also nourishes the body cells, and provides them enough energy.
• It regulates the blood glucose level.
• It can regulate the blood pressure, means those suffering from high or low blood pressure should make use of the fruits containing raspberry ketones.
Ideal for obesity and weight problems:
If you are an individual suffering from over weight and obesity like problems, then let me tell you that raspberry ketone is the great thing for you to minimize your weight to much extent. It is helpful in regulating the adiponectin, a protein that is useful in blood circulatory and respiratory systems. Once this protein starts performing its function in the body, your food gets digested hurriedly, leaving behind no side effects. As a result, your stomach’s health is improved and you will start seeing your weight losing day by day.
How much to use?
You can burn your fats faster and in a convenient way if you use raspberry ketones in a good amount every day or every week. How much to use it? If you don’t know the quantity or have not consulted your doctor, then you can use roughly 100 mg raspberry every day. If it is not going to help then you should take a start with small dosage and then keep on increasing after every two weeks, until its amount range reaches 200 mg. But before you decide your raspberry ketone amount, let me recommend you to consult your doctor so that you can get better idea.

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Treating Pain with Acupuncture – Getting Relief Where Nothing Else Works


Acupuncture has long been considered as a good way for treating the patients of diabetes, blood pressure and severe pain problems. During 2009, British Medical Journal named this treatment to be an effective pain relief. Before we get into the in depth of acupuncture let us see what a pain is. A pain is actually an unwanted body disturbance which makes us physically and mentally weak. We try our best to get rid of pain. It usually occurs as headache, neck pain, back pain or any other form.

Acupuncture for pain:
Various medical journals and publications have now proved that acupuncture is an effective way of relieving the pain. Two conditions of acupuncture are applicable to treat the patients. The first condition is pre-acupuncture, while the second is pro-acupuncture. In pre-acupuncture the patient has minor pain and can be treated well by one or maximum three acupuncture processes. On the other hand, in pro-acupuncture the patients have severe pain and this is why their treatment takes two to six months approximately.

Getting relief from pain with acupuncture:
The acupuncture is no doubt, a great way to get relief from any form of pain. The two forms of this treatment have so far been deeply studied by various medical professionals. These two forms are sham acupuncture, which is an effective way to treat the patients with cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, the real acupuncture includes the treatment with massage, physical therapy and use of medicines. How much medicine is needed is dependent upon the level of pain severity.

Real acupuncture versus fake acupuncture:
It always matters a lot that we can distinguish between real and fake acupunctures. Usually what the professional doctors and researches prescribe is the real acupuncture. On the other hand, the individuals and victims of pain doing sorts of experiment at home and treating their diseases themselves without involving any health professional, suffer from fake acupuncture forms. I mean we cannot do this treatment and know about its medicines without asking a doctor or health professional. He who does so, simply does joke with his life. Chances are there that such a person won’t relief his pain, instead will increase it to much extent.

Acupuncture Treatment: A Pin for Pain!


Although there are no set rules to treat the patients’ pain with acupuncture but one should keep in mind the severity level and its nature. Of course, the severe pains of neck, back pain and headache always need a post acupuncture treatment. This is due to the reason that this treatment will result in long-lasting effects and impressive results. It will be great to help the patients get relief from the pain.
Routine check up:
Having an acupuncture doesn’t mean you should avoid to have routine check up. In fact, the doctors highly recommend the patients with any form of pain to visit their family health practitioners or doctors to have a complete body check up. Blood samples are obtained to know if the disease is getting severe and what are the reasons behind a specific pain. This gives a clearer idea of how the acupuncture treatment should be started.
Different acupunctures for patients:
Which form of acupuncture will suit best to you? Before you try to get the answer of this question, make sure you are clear with different forms of acupunctures. It is, in fact, not your duty to know all this. Your doctors will be responsible for it. He will, first of all, have a check up and collect blood samples for laboratory checking. Then he will make an observation about your disease’s severity level. If your headache, for example, is getting serious day by day, then chances are there that the doctor will recommend you to get hospitalized.

How Does Acupuncture Work:
Acupuncture works really well to treat thousands of patients and relief them from the pains in one way or the other. In Chinese medicines, this mode of treatment is highly recommended both for minor and major pain level. The acupuncturists recommend the patients to go for natural herbal and treatment plans. This gives rise to the lesser of artificial and western medicines which accompany various side-effects. The TCM principles have revealed that the flow of energy and metabolism level in our body can be regulated with the acupuncture. The better will be our metabolism, the higher will be our chances to get relief from any form of pain, no matter it is major or minor.

How to Get the Best Acupuncture Treatment

HerbsandPinsBannerGetting the best acupuncture treatment has become a necessity of our lives. We usually turn ourselves to the doctors and medical professionals for seeking their assistance. The best way to get acupuncture treatment is to make ourselves familiarize with nature of the disease or the nature of the pain acupuncture is needed for.

Get rid of old acupuncture:
I personally believe that now we should quit relying upon the old and ancient acupuncture treatment ideas. The latest researches have greatly revolutionized our way to think creatively in the medical field. This is why there is a strong need for us to replace the old acupuncture treatment ideas with the new ones. It is said that the ancient acupunctures were highly problematic. They were not the best substitutes to treat various health and pain complications.

What the scientists say?
The scientists and medical professionals, of course, are of the view that one can get the best acupuncture only when he knows the nature of his disease. For example the patients of diabetes I and diabetes II can be treated with an acupuncture form from pre acupuncture or post acupuncture. But before they are treated, it is must for us to know what the severity level of the disease is. In addition to what doctors and medical professionals have prescribed, the patients themselves should be able to choose either pre acupuncture or post acupuncture.

Evidences and symptoms of the disease:
The best way to go for acupuncture is to know the evidences and symptoms of the disease. This will work in the same way as we get medications and treatments for various other diseases. The same will happen in acupuncture. The patients needed to be treated with this treatment should be familiar with the nature of their disease. They, and their healthcare professional first need to observe the symptoms arising. Then a plan has to be made to prepare the patient for acupuncture. For example, the clear symptoms of diabetes will make it clear that if the patients need pre acupuncture or post acupuncture. The same can be the condition with any other disease or pain form.

Herbal and Natural Remedies for Diabetes

There are plenty of herbs, spices and natural remedies to treat the patients with diabetes. Both diabetes I and II are serious and life-killing disease forms, but if treated regularly and effectively then you can lower your chances of health complications.

Herbal medicines to cure diabetes:

The herbal medicines are the best to cure the patients with diabetes I and diabetes II. These medicines help improve your blood glucose level and lower the risks of increasing disease complication. You just have to make sure that you go with natural ingredients and herbal medicines and are not using any western drug. Various researches have proved that the herbal medicines are highly effective to cure the diseases like BP, diabetes and asthma. While the western medicines are considered to accompany a lot of health complications.

Best herbal therapies for the disease:

Some of the botanical and plant-based therapies to cure diabetes are;
• Aloe vera therapy
• Bilberry extracts
• Bitter melon therapy
• Cinnamon therapy
• Fenugreek treatment
• Ginger natural supplements or therapy
All these natural and herbal therapies are quite ideal to cure diabetes. These are called ayurvedic and natural oriental medicines. You can either go for a health therapy or can use the supplement or medicine to get rid of the disease. But make sure you don’t quit doing exercise and walk to cure the disease in a better way.

Allium sativum is a great way to cure diabetes. It is a natural antioxidant which regulates your blood circulation and accompanies no side effects.

Bauhinia forficata and Myrcia uniflora:
Bauhinia forficata is native to South Africa, America and Brazil. While Myrcia uniflora is found in Indonesia and parts of India. Both of these herbs are ideal to cure the diabetic patients. Their plants are said to contain vegetable insulin. This insulin is quite ideal to treat the patients with diabetes. It accompanies no side effects and is a purely natural anti-diabetic ingredient.

Coccinia indica:
Coccinia indica is commonly known as ivy gourd. It is found in India and is an effective ayurverdic remedy to treat the patients of diabetes.

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